A Bit About Me

Hi!  I’m Rose Merritt, or Rosey to some, hence the name Row Z Designs – a play on words combining my name and the seating area where you’ll often find me shooting pictures of games.

I’ve always loved photography but with four children who all play sports, the only pictures I regularly get opportunities to take were are in a gym or on a field!   Capturing these moments quickly became a passion and while mastering the ins and outs of getting great shots, I started sharing my pictures with my kids’ teammates and their parents.  The desire to  truly reflect the intensity, strength, and emotion of each player, led to  a bit of an addiction to photo editing and design. Creating the designs became the perfect outlet for combining my never-ending creative spirit and love for sports, art and people.

My love of bright colors combined with edgy backgrounds and effects allow me to create not only a unique design for each client, but one that is exciting and enhances that special something that I see in people every day!  My personal goal is to find special pictures that tell a story about the subject including their attitude, mood, and spirit.

Each design is unique – like my clients – and though I am happy to create similar designs for groups (e.g.: individual players on a team), I find it more exciting to let the creative process flow from the pictures I have and the story they can tell.  I hope you enjoy my work and will consider letting me make a one-of-a-kind design for you!

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